Pickens’ Mesta Vista Ranch for Sale at $250 million

Out in the Texas Panhandle, the big story is the ranch that’s for sale.  It’s the 65,000-acre ranch owned by oilman T. Boone Pickens. He’s asking $250 million for the Mesta Vista ranch he founded in 1971.

Mesa Vista actually totals 64,809 acres about 90 miles northeast of Amarillo. It’s so big, it covers 101 square miles according to the Dallas Morning News.

Pickens is now 89 and he’s suffered some health setbacks. His sight and hearing are failing but the Oklahoma native apparently wants to make sure the ranch falls into the hands of someone who appreciates the land.

Pickens was 43 when he purchased 2,926 acres near the Canadian River in Roberts County. Over the years, he built the ranch to its current size.

It now includes a ranch big enough to hold 52 guests who can play tennis on a lighted court or even play golf. There’s a 30-seat theater/media room, a two story pub and even a chapel.

The dog kennel is big enough to handle 40 dogs and includes a full-time staff such as a veterinary clinic and a vet on call.

Also on the ranch is “Boone’s Lake House” which is 11,500 square feet in size and includes a front door that once was the entry to Bing Crosby’s Hollywood home.


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