Oklahoma Gasoline Prices Average $2.31 per gallon

Gasoline prices averaging $2.31 a gallon are greeting Thanksgiving holiday travelers in Oklahoma.

AAA Oklahoma says it compares to the national average of $2.54 a gallon which is two cents cheaper than a week ago. Oklahoma has the 6th cheapest average in the country behind Alabama and $2.25, Mississippi at $2.26, South Carolina at $2.27, Texas at $2.28 and Arkansas at $2.29.

But in the past year several states saw the largest price increases in the country. Alaska had the largest with 63 cents.  Prices rose 59      cents in Illinois and 58 cents in Indiana. Kansas was included in the   top ten with an increase of 49 cents on its average price. Colorado’s  average went up 47 cents in the past year.

AAA Oklahoma reports gasoline inventories across the country took a substantial 1.4 million bbl dip in the past several days. It’s the second consecutive week where inventories declined.


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