Oil Flows Again in Keystone Pipeline Following Spill

Repairs have been made and oil is flowing once again on the Keystone Pipeline where an oil spill dumped 5,000 barrels of oil two weeks ago in South Dakota.

TransCanada Corporation indicated the repair and restart plans won approval from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. The company plans operations at a reduced pressure “to ensure a safe and gradual increase in the volume of crude oil moving through the system.”

The company said it will continue working closely with its customers as it resumed operations.

“TransCanada will comply with any future PHMSA orders and requirements as a result of this incident to ensure the integrity of the pipeline,” stated the firm.

The company explained it had cleaned up 1,065 barrels of oil from the spill site in a rural area of South Dakota. A spokesman for the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources said cleanup crews are working 24 hours a day.


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