Gulfport Energy Finds Success in the SCOOP

Oklahoma City-based Gulfport Energy Corporation released an update this week on its recent SCOOP Springer and SCOOP Woodford well results.

The Springer well, the Lauper 4-26H produced a 24-hour initial peak production rate of 780.2 Boe per day. It was comprised of nearly 79% oil, 11% natural gas liquids and 10% natural gas. The company said when the production was normalized to its standard 7,500 foot lateral, the Lauper produced a 24-hour initial rate of 1,292 Boe per day.

Gulfport also had several strong natural gas wells. Three Pauline wells each had an average 60-day production rate of more than 17 MMcfe a day. A fourth Pauline well had an average production of more than 15 MMcfe a day.

The EJ Craddock, 8-28X21H had an average production rate of more than 16 MMcfe a day.

Gulfport said a Springer well located in southeastern Grady County had a 24-hour initial peak production rate of 619 barrels of oil a day.