County Bridges to Get Updates in State’s 5-year Plan

A stamp of approval was given this week by the Oklahoma Transportation Commission to a $926 million five-year road and bridge improvement plan in the state.

Over the next five years, work will be carried out replacing or rehabilitating an estimated 400 county bridges. Some have been determined to be structurally deficient or obsolete. At least 43 of the bridges will be rebuilt incorporating beams from the old Interstate 40 Crosstown Expressway in Oklahoma City. The DOT says more than 2,000 of the beams from the old bridge were given to counties.

The road and bridge improvement plan is formally called the County Improvement for Roads and Bridges work plan.  But the fund for it was reduced by $50 million under the fiscal year 2018 state budget agreement.

The plan also includes improvements to more than 800 miles of county roads.





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