Comedienne Goes Obscene in Letter-Writing Campaign Against Pruitt

Comedienne Samantha Bee might have reached a new low in the attack of environmentalists against EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.

Angry over Pruitt’s decision to repeal the Clean Power Plan, she has started a campaign of letters filled with obscenities concluding with the sentence: “Samantha Bee is not a dumb whore.”

On the TBS show “Full Frontal” in October, she launched into a tirade against the former Oklahoma Attorney General, according to a report by E and E news.

“We’re stuck with this fall drink of poison water. We cannot stop Pruitt from killing the Clean Power Plan, but we can be jerks about it. Sometimes your jerk stick is the only thing you’ve got left in your toolbox.”

Bee used her website to create something of a form letter and about 100 short letters from the public have been received at the EPA, all ending with the “Samantha Bee is not a dumb whore” comment.

Her comments on the “Full Frontal” show were much more blunt including the use of the “F” work.

“So consider this our official ‘Full Frontal’ request for a hearing on the Clean Power Plan, you big Alaska despoiling ***k! That was a real request. Now you have to do it.”

The EPA is not commenting about the letters.



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