Puerto Rico Calls Off Electrical Contract With Montana Firm

As Puerto Rick attempts to immediately cancel a $300 million electrical power contract with a tiny Montana company in Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s hometown, a $200 million contract with an Oklahoma company remains intact.

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello is pushing to have the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority to immediately end the contract with Whitefish Energy. The company has only two full-time employees but contracted to hire 300 workers after landing the contract to help restore electrical power following  hurricane Maria that hit Puerto Rico.

Whitefish CEO Andy Techmanski had claimed his 300 workers were already on the ground fixing a damaged electrical system in Puerto Rico.

So far, Puerto Rico is honoring the $200 million deal with Oklahoma City-based Mammoth Energy Services. It was a 120-day contract in which FEMA officials were involved.  However, FEMA had denied it was involved in the contract issued to Whitefish Energy.

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