Inhofe Puts ‘Hold’ on Democratic FERC Nominee…..Causes Delay in Others

Senator Jim Inhofe apparently is showing Democrats in the Senate ‘Two Can Play This Game’ by putting an indefinite hold on Democratic FERC nominee Richard Glick.

It’s in response to the actions of Democrats to approve some of President Trumps EPA picks.

As a result of the hold on Glick, Inhofe’s move could result in an indefinite delay of a long list of nominees for Energy and Interior.

As Politico’s Morning Energy reported, “The Oklahoman desperately wants to get his buddy Scott Pruitt some help at EPA and wants the agency nominees confirmed before he’ll release his hold, but Democrats appear exceedingly unlikely to ease the path to passage for any of President Donald Trump’s EPA picks.”

The hold is taking place on the Senate Environment and Public Works committee where Sen. Inhofe is the former chairman a ranking Republican. Earlier, the committee approved four EPA nominees, prompting chairman John Barrasso to criticize the Democrats.

“It’s time to clear the deck and let these people who’ve been nominated, vetted, gone through the committees, been approved—time to get them to work.”

He called the delays “outrageous”.

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