Hacker Hits Corporation Commission Headquarters

Someone hacked into the computer system at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission this week leaving most computer services offline as of Thursday.

The Commission was quick to indicate there was no compromise of sensitive data.

“We detected an attack and have engaged the State CyberCommand and OMES staff to protect and restart the systems,” OMES spokeswoman Shelley Zumwalt told the Oklahoman.

An investigation was underway in an attempt to determine who the hacker was. It began Monday and as of mid-week, the commission’s email services, website and other network operations were offline.

OCC spokesman Matt Skinner was quoted as saying, “They’re having to get back to pencil and paper or are using personal laptops to enter information. We’re still getting business done, but there are certain things we can’t do without the system. We’re obviously having to adapt.”




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