Fossil Fuel Producer Partners With Clean Energy Producer to Roll Out EV Charging Stations

A leading global oil and natural gas producer, will purchase a top European operator of electric vehicle charging stations in an effort to roll out the technology at its service stations, according to a report in The Hill.

Royal Dutch Shell announced Thursday that that it would purchase Netherlands-based NewMotion, which has produced more than 30,000 private charging stations and 50,000 public charging stations throughout Europe.

Shell said it would use the acquisition to help roll out electric vehicle charging stations at many of its 45,000 service stations around the world, according to the Financial Times.

“Today’s announcement is an early step towards ensuring customers can access a range of refueling choices over the coming decades, as new technologies evolve to co-exist with traditional transport fuels,” said Matthew Tipper, Shell’s Vice President for New Fuels, in a statement.

“This move provides customers the flexibility to charge their electric vehicles at home, work and on the go,” said Tipper. “When you add this customer offer to our current roll out of fast charging points on Shell forecourts, we believe we are developing the full raft of charge solutions required to support the future of EVs.”

Demand for electric vehicles is expected to surge in the coming decades, thus continuing as a threat to traditional fossil fuel producers.


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