Rep. Cole Says It’s Time to Support Florida and Texas Hurricane Victims

Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole says now is the time for Oklahomans and others to support victims of the Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Writing in a weekly column entitled “Healing After Hurricanes”, the Republican Representative said, “Now it’s time for all of us to have Houston’s and Florida’s backs.”

Cole admitted it will be hard to predict the exact dollar amount that will be needed in the long run to provide aid immediately.

“Whatever the numbers may be eventually, we should give the millions of our fellow citizens, first responders, FEMA and other related agencies the resources they need to recover and rebuild,” wrote the Representative.

He reminded Oklahomans that they too are familiar with natural disasters and recalled how President Obama, who never won a count in the state, visited after the Moore tornado in 2013.

“And while he and his policies were never popular in Oklahoma, I saw personally how much the residents of Moore appreciated his visit and his empathy. On that day we ceased to be Democrats and Republicans and just became Oklahomans who cared for one another and were willing to do whatever we could to help one another.”


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