Pipeline Groups Support Senator Inhofe’s FERC Bill

Oklahoma U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe joined with Maine’s Sen. Angus King this week in introducing a bill designed to streamline the permitting process for interstate projects at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

They call it the Coordinating Interagency Review of Natural Gas Infrastructure act of 2017.

“For too long, the natural gas pipeline permitting process has been crippled with inefficiencies that unnecessarily delay critical projects for interstate commerce,” said Inhofe who is a senior member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

He said by streamlining the process, pipelines can be built faster and more quickly serve the public.

“This bill brings all federal, state and local regulatory agencies to the table early on to coordinate participation—resulting in a more collaborative and timely review process,” added the Senator.

The bill has the support of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, the Natural Gas Supply Association, the Center for LNG and API.

Don Santa with the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America agreed with Sens. Inhofe and King.

“Pipelines are a key to realizing the benefits of America’s natural gas revolution because they are the indispensable link between the supply source to the ultimate gas consumer.”

Charlie Riedl, Executive Director of the Center for LNG agreed.

“The legislation proposed today offers solutions to a formidable challenge facing American consumers and countless industries.”

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