Bridenstine Offers Views About Being NASA’s New Administrator

Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine is revealing more of his thoughts and views of how he would like to run NASA if he is confirmed as its new Administrator.

He recently completed a questionnaire submitted to the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee as it prepared to hold a confirmation hearing for the Tulsa Representative. Bridenstine, nominated this month by President Trump indicated he would like to see the agency begin studies of climate change on Mars, even as he questions if it’s happening here on Earth, according to a report by E and E Energy.

As the website indicated, Bridenstine said understanding other planets in more detail could help scientists get a better grasp on earthly processes.

“Mars once had a magnetic field, rivers, lakes and an ocean on its north pole,” wrote the Republican Representative. “At some point, Mars changed dramatically and we should strive to understand why. Studying other plants can inform our understanding of Earth.”

He also suggested transferring earth science into another federal agency, explaining he felt earth science at NASA was often unfairly pitted against planetary science for financial resources. The rivalry, said Bridenstine was “not in the best interest of NASA, the United States or the world.”


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