State Asks Supreme Court to Have Sierra Club Lawsuit Put on Hold

While the Oklahoma Supreme Court wrestles with a constitutional challenge to a tax on electric cars, a similar lawsuit filed by the Sierra Club could be on hold.

The original challenge to HB 1449 was filed by former U.S. Attorney Gary Richardson, now a candidate for the GOP nomination for governor. Oral arguments were held last month and the Sierra Club filed suit as well on Aug. 7, one day before the arguments.

Last week, the Attorney General filed a motion with the supreme court asking to hold the case in abeyance because “A decision on the merits in the Richardson case is likely to resolve the sole ground for relief in the Sierra Club case.”

Mithun Mansinghani, Solicitor-General at the Attorney General’s office said the motion was to avoid repetitious litigation and asked the court to stay “all proceedings in this case—-until this Court has issued a decision in the Richardson case.”

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