Transportation and Other Study Group Leaders Named in Legislature

The leadership of Interim Policy Working Groups created by Oklahoma House Majority Floor Leader Jon Echols have been named including those who will study transportation needs in the state.

The co-leaders of each group will begin developing conservative policy proposals to reduce government waste and increase efficiencies in spending, enhancing personal freedom and growing economic opportunities for Oklahomans.

The co-leaders of the Transportation Group are Rep. Dustin Roberts (R-Durant) and Rep. Steve Vaughan (R-Ponca City).

“The hope is that co-leaders will facilitate discussion and encourage participation and ideas from the members,” said Echols, R-Oklahoma City. “There is a lot of work to do before December, so we want members to be engaged from the beginning so our time is efficient. Our goal is to develop policy ideas that innovate the way we develop and deliver government services to our citizens.”

There are six other working groups. Representatives Josh Cockroft (R-Wanette) and Mike Osburn (R-Edmond) will co-lead the Agency, Board and Commission and Consolidation and Efficiency Group.

The Business Development, Commerce and Regulatory Environment group will be led by Representatives Elise Hall (R-OKC), Scott Fetgatter (R-Okmulgee) and Casey Murdock (R-Felt).

The Budget Reform Group will be led by Representatives Kevin Wallace (R-Wellston), Terry O’Donnell (R-Tulsa) and Earl Sears (R-Bartlesville).

Education Support and Reform will be co-chaired by Republican Representatives Todd Russ of Cordell and Michael Rogers of Broken Arrow.

Republican Representatives Chad Caldwell of Enid and Marcus McEntire of Duncan will co-chair the Healthcare and Mental Health Group.

The Public Safety and Corrections Group will be co-chaired by Republican Representatives Bobby Cleveland of Slaugherville and Greg Babinec of Cushing.


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