PSO Partners With Sister Company on Wind Catcher Project in Guymon

Tulsa-based Public Service Company of Oklahoma announced Wednesday that it will partner with Southwestern Electric Power Co. on the new Wind Catcher Energy Connection project in far northwest Oklahoma, according to a company press release.

If approved by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, the project may provide nearly 40 percent of power from wind for PSO customers by late 2020.

The project requires purchasing 600 megawatts of a 2,000-megawatt wind farm under construction near the small town of Guymon.

PSO’s costs are estimated at $1.3 billion of the total estimated cost of $4.5 billion for the project.

PSO will also own part of the 350-mile transmission line stretching from the Panhandle to Tulsa.

It is anticipated that PSO customers will receive value greater than $2 billion over the life of the project, according to the company press release.

“PSO is very excited about this extraordinary opportunity to reduce costs for our customers by delivering to them high quality, very low-priced Oklahoma wind energy,” said Stuart Solomon, PSO president and chief operating officer.

“At the same time, the Wind Catcher project will boost the Oklahoma economy, create thousands of new jobs, and provide tax revenues for local governments,” said Solomon. “There’s never been a project like Wind Catcher, and we’re pleased to bring it forward for the benefit of our customers and the state.”