Pruitt Labels Germany’s Nuclear Power Plant Move as “Hyprocisy”

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has political tongues wagging in Washington, D-C. after saying German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s move to phase out her country’s nuclear power plants is hypocritical. And she likely won’t be saying, “das gut” in response.

“I just think the hypocrisy runs rampant,” he said in an interview with Politico. “To look at us as a nation and say, ‘You all need to do more’ in light of what we’ve done in leading with innovation and technology–the hypocrisy is palpable in those areas.”

He mentioned her by name, even raising the suggestion and question that if reducing carbon dioxide emissions “is so important to you, Madam Chancellor, why are you getting rid of nuclear? Because last time I checked, it’s pretty clean on CO2.”

Word of Germany’s move to close some of its nuclear power plants came this week as Merkel continued to be one of the most vocal public defenders of the Paris climate change agreement.

Pruitt, the former Oklahoma Attorney General repeated his defense of President Trump’s decision to pull out of the agreement. He said the U.S. has shown it can address climate change without the international agreement and referred to the Paris agreement as “pure symbolism.”

As for him being a climate denier?

“What does it even mean? That’s what I think about it. I deny the climate? Really? Wow, OK. That’s crazy in my view.”

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