No Letup in Exploration of STACK and SCOOP

A casual check and review of the daily permits to drill, as shown by OK Energy Today shows more growth in exploration of Oklahoma’s STACK and SCOOP oil and gas plays.

It’s obvious the STACK has more interest from exploration companies. Just in the past few days, five more permits were issued for drilling in Canadian County. They were issued to Marathon Oil, two to Devon Energy, two to Jones Energy LLC and one to Cimarex Energy.

It appears Jones Energy, based in Austin, is trying to take advantage of the STACK success by moving eastward. Typically, it had a history of oil and gas exploration in western Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle.

Dewey County, adjacent to the 3-county STACK zone of Canadian, Blaine and Kingfisher counties is getting more interest from the companies. Devon obtained one permit there as did Tapstone Energy LLC.

Chesapeake Energy picked up a permit in Major county, another county adjacent to the STACK. Oklahoma Energy Acquisitions obtained a permit to drill in Kingfisher county. Midstates Petroleum acquired a permit to drill in nearby Woods County.

Still more interest in Ellis county next to the state line where permits to drill have been obtained by EOG Resources and Jones Energy.

In the SCOOP, Continental Resources widens its exploration with two permits in Stephens County. Grady County will see more drilling as well. Permits to drill were obtained by Rimrock Resource Operating LLC, Gaedeke Oil and Gas Operating LLC, Newfield Exploration and Gulfport Midcon LLC.

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