Corporation Commissioner Dana Murphy Announces Candidacy for Lt. Governor

After 9 years as an Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner, Dana Murphy has announced her candidacy for Lieutenant Governor.

The Republican already has more than $600,000 in her campaign fund and said it is no secret that Oklahoma is at a crossroads.

“Our state’s next set of leaders must be able to navigate solutions that spur our economic recovery while also addressing and improving basic public services,” she said in a statement. “I believe my experience and skills as a proven problem-solver are needed now more than ever to help Oklahoma.”

Murphy was a practicing geologist for ten years before obtaining a law degree at Oklahoma City University. She served for six years as an administrative law judge at the commission .

Murphy also has more than 20 years of experience in the petroleum industry and owned and operated her own private law practice specializing in oil and gas work. She was elected in 2008 to the Corporation Commission.

“It is time we address the roots of long-standing problems instead of continuing to treat symptoms of these problems,” said Murphy in her announcement. “I am ready to move this position beyond its traditional role to be a part of a new plan for our state that comes from different thinking, planning and resolving.”

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