Rig Count: Oklahoma Drops by 4, U.S. Grows by 6

Canada led the way with the addition of 27 new rigs last week while the U.S. rig count grew by a total of six, according to the Baker Hughes rig count released on Friday.

Canada now has a total of 159 rigs, up 90 rigs when compared with last year’s count of 69.

The U.S. rig count rose by six to reach 933 active rigs. Overall, the U.S. is showing a strong resurgence, up 510 rigs from last year’s figure of 398.

Oklahoma’s rig count fell by four with a total of 127 rigs. Oklahoma remains up by 69 from last year’s count of 58.

North Dakota had the greatest growth in the U.S., adding three rigs for a total of 49. Since last year, North Dakota has gained 25 rigs from a count of 24.

Colorado, New Mexico and Louisiana added new rigs this week. Colorado added two rigs for a total of 36. New Mexico also increased its rig count by two for a count of 61. Louisiana’s rig count increased by one to reach 65.

Texas remained the same last week, showing no growth or decrease in its active rig count. Texas has 460 active rigs, up 269 rigs since last year’s count of 191.

According to the Red Top Rig Report, the Kansas rig count grew by five to reach 43.


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