GOP Candidate to Sue Over Fund-Raising Bills

More legal challenges are being threatened over Oklahoma’s fund raising bills passed last month by the legislature and signed into law by Gov. Mary Fallin. Some deal with energy issues including electric cars.

Gary Richardson, a former U.S. Attorney who is running for the Republican nomination for Governor says he plans to file suit in the coming days challenging three measures. He contends they violated the Oklahoma constitution which required revenue bills to receive three-fourths majorities in the House and Senate or a vote of the people. Neither occurred on the three measures.

“Folks, when our legislators and governor willfully disregard our state constitution, it’s up to the people of our state to take a stand,” he said in a recent news conference in Tulsa.

(listen to his announcement)

One of the bills he considers to be unconstitutional is House Bill 1449, the measure that creates a $100 registration fee on electric vehicles and a $30 fee on hybrids.

Another is HB 2433. It raises the current 3.25 percent excise tax on motor vehicle sales to the 4.5 percent tax charged on most retail transactions.

Richardson said the third measure to be challenged in the lawsuit he intends to file at the Supreme Court is HB 2348,. It decouples the state personal income tax standard deduction from the federal amount.

News on 6 reporter Marty Kasper says Democrats now say they are not surprised at the lawsuits.

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