Environmental Council of States Urges More States Rights

Oklahoma and other members of the Environmental Council of the States say state flexibility is still the best way to achieve national standards for environmental protection.

In an outline of its Cooperative Federal 2.0 approach with the EPA, leaders stated, “We are convinced a recalibration of state and federal roles can lead to more effective environmental management at lower cost.”

Led by John Linc Stine, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Commissioner, the Council added, “State flexibility to determine the best way for its programs to achieve national minimum standards is a particularly important aspect of ensuring that environmental protection and economic prosperity go hand-in-hand with healthy and vibrant communities.”

The Council’s latest statement appears to fall in line with what EPA chief Scott Pruitt has been advocating for years—let states control their environmental issues.

“States are a critical part of achieving our nation’s environmental and public health goals and mandated responsibilities in an effective and efficient way,” stated the Council.

Todd Parfitt, Director of the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality is the ECOS vice president. Becky Keogh, director of the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality is Secretary-Treasuer. And Martha Rudolph, Director of Environmental Programs at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is ECOS Past President.

Scott Thompson, Executive Director of Oklahoma’s DEQ is chair of the ECOS committee on Waste. He is also the Region 6 representative.

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