Democratic Representative Starts Oil and Gas Caucus on Capitol Hill

His congressional district includes the Eagle Ford oil play in south Texas and now freshman U.S. Rep. Vicente Gonzalez, a Democrat is creating a Congressional Oil and Gas Caucus.

He says he wants to educate fellow lawmakers about issues related to the oil and gas industry. Rep. Gonzalez wants to focus on the production and distribution of and gas and other petroleum hydrocarbons.

Gonzalez is a former lawyer who arrived on Capitol Hill saying he intended to advocate for the economic benefits of harnessing the nation’s natural resources.

“I hope that the Oil & Gas Caucus can serve as a space for members from all over the country to learn more about the oil and gas industry and come away not only with a better understanding of the scientific and technical aspects, but also gain a better understanding of how technological advancements and growth benefit all of us.”

González said he will serve as chairman of the caucus and hopes its membership grows.


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