EPA’s Pruitt Wants Advice from Governors on Redrawing Waters of US Rule

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin will be getting a letter in mail from EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, if she hasn’t already, asking her advice on how to define which wetlands and small waterways should be covered by the Clean Water Act.

Pruitt sent letters this week to governors asking for their “input and wisdom” on how to redraw federal jurisdiction.

“Consulting with state and local government officials, or their representative national organizations is a priority for us and President Trump,” wrote Pruitt.

He was joined by acting assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works Douglas Lamont.

“We want to clearly understand what definition will work best for your state as we develop a new federal definition of ‘waters of the U.S.’ consistent with the Scalia opinion,” wrote the two. “In addition we are interested in understanding how your state might respond to a reduced scope of federal jurisdiction under the Clean Water Act.”

It’s considered a clear departure from the EPA of the past which relied heavily on Justice Anthony Kennedy’s Rapanos opinion that waters must have a “significant nexus” to navigable rivers and seas.”

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