Elk City Oilfield Supplier Vows to Rebuild After Tornado

“You can’t sit around and whine about things you can’t control. We’ll pick up where this tornado left off and keep moving ahead.”  Josh Moran. Elk City.


Days after a tornado wiped out his company’s headquarters in the south side of Elk City, businessman Josh Moran says he has no intention of not rebuilding.

“Absolutely. We’ve already moved what we could over to the facilities we were using prior to purchasing this property,” said Moran, owner of Moran Equipment, an oilfield equipment supply firm he started in 2005.

“Our headquarters is basically gone. It destroyed our shops and offices,” he told OK Energy Today. “Most of our equipment luckily was out in the field, rented out to customers.”

When the tornado hit, his headquarters was empty. He had sent his employees home about 90 minutes earlier to prepare for the possibility of severe weather.

“We’ll rebuild right here in the same spot as soon as the insurance adjusters are done. We’ll start knocking stuff down and hauling it up and get ready to start over.”

Moran said no one’s losing their job over the destruction and his 23 workers will continue employment. He also has about 60 contractors on line and an office in Hobbs, New Mexico.

Other firms in his business neighborhood also were destroyed or suffered extensive damage.

They included Fairway Resources, LuGreg Trucking, and C and J Energy.

Listen to Jerry Bohnen’s interview of Josh Moran.




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