Wastewater Bill Approved in State House

Another measure targeting oil and gas wastewater and injection wells won approval this week in the State House.

Senate Bill 287 focuses on the jurisdictional areas of responsibility for each state environmental agency and the agencies with limited environmental responsibility.

Rep. Weldon Watson of Tulsa explained the measure allows the Department of Environmental Quality to review the discharge of the wastewater that will be injected back into the earth. He says it will speed up the process rather than leaving it totally in the hands of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The act, approved on a vote of 82-6 also applies to the Oklahoma Water Resources Board. Six Democrats were against it: Reps Eric Proctor, Emilyl Virgin, Forrest Bennett, Ben Loring, Brian Renegar and Johnny Tadlock.

There was no debate on the bill. Listen to the presentation and questions.


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