State House Approves Large Tire Fees for Recycling Fund

A bill adding to the cost of trashing old tractor and large-truck tires has won approval in the Oklahoma House.

Senate Bill 426 was passed on a 67-25 vote this week as Rep. John Pfeiffer of Orlando pushed the measure to make changes in Oklahoma’s Used Tire Recycling Indemnity Fund.

He explained it will allow tire recyclers to charge a fee to dispose of the larger tires. Currently, there is no charge so many of the recyclers won’t handle tractor tires and others from large trucks and the like.

The new $16 fee for tractor tires applies to tires greater than 44 inches in total diameter and less than 72 inches. There will be an $8 fee on farm tires greater than 30 inches but less than 44 inches.

As for the estimated revenue from the price change, Rep. Pfeiffer said it would be around $200,000 and be used to finance administrative costs of the program.

While the bill was previously passed in the Senate, final work on the measure is still being handled in the legislature.

Listen to the House debate on Tuesday.


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