Pruitt Keeps Busy Meeting Governors and Others

As Politico’s Morning Energy reports, EPA Administrator and former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt’s had face-to-face meetings with 17 governors, state and regional environmental officials and five congressional lawmakers.

The five in congress are Rep. Lamar Smith who chairs the U.S. House Science Committee, Rep. David McKinley and Sens. Shelley Moore
Capito, Luther Strange and Joe Donnelly.

He has not met with Sen. John Barrasso who chairs the U.SA. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee and Rep. John Shimkus, chairman of the subcommittee that oversees EPA.

But a spokesman for Sen. Barrasso says the Senator has spoken ove the phone with Pruitt since his confirmation and seen him at public events.

“The chairman and the committee are in close contact with the leadership at the EPA,” said the spokesman.




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