Nuclear Waste Site Battle Brewing in Texas

Quite a fight over nuclear waste is brewing in Texas. As the Dallas Morning News reports, it’s about an application by a firm to store nuclear waste in west Texas.

Waste Control Specialists is the company that wants to store the waste in Andrews County located about five hours drive west of Dallas.

But it’s the officials in Dallas who are fighting the move because they fear the waste would pass through the Dallas metroplex.

“The public health of Dallas County residents must be protected,” said Dallas County Commissioner Theresa Daniel. “Just because the railroad goes through the county does not mean that the population of a large urban area should be put in peril.

The Dallas County commission has joined others in taking a public stand against the dump site. San Antonio city officials are considering such a stance while the Bexar County Commissioners are already against it.

The plan calls for the dump site to hold spent fuel from nuclear power plants and be located next to the Texas border with New Mexico. Waste Control, a firm started by the late Dallas billionaire Harold Simmons submitted an application with the Department of Energy. But another firm, Holtec International also submitted an application to build a site adjacent to Andrew County just across the New Mexico border.




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