More Major Producing Oil Wells in Oklahoma’s STACK

Kingfisher county continues to see more major-producing oil wells reported with one producing nearly 2,000 barrels a day and another with more than 1,000 barrels in daily production.

As OK Energy Today’s completion reports showed, Houston-based Newfield Exploration Mid-Con Inc. brought in a well with production of 1,929 barrels a day along with 3,251 Mcf of gas. The Burgess well, 7 15N 7W is located about 4 miles southwest of Kingfisher, right in the heart of the STACK. The well’s spud date was in December 2016 and drilling was finished in January. Completion was made in February 2017.

The second large well, the Shangri-la at 25 15N 8W was drilled by Devon Energy Production Co. LP and has production of 1,008 barrels of oil daily along with 1,772 Mcf of gas. It is located about 1.5 miles northwest of Okarche. Drilling started in September of last year and finished the same month with completion made just last month.

Chesapeake Energy reported two wells completed in Kingfisher county, both on the same pad at 31 19N 5W. The Anderson wells are producing 384 and 408 barrels daily. One other new well was reported to be completed in Kingfisher county. Oklahoma Energy Acquisitions had success with the Elling well at 15 15N 5W just southwest of Cashion. It is producing 151 barrels a day.

Newfield Exploration also had success with a well in the SCOOP, hitting the Mark well at 27 2N 4W several miles east of Lake Fuqua. The well is producing 467 barrels daily.

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