Late Broken Arrow Legislator Also Known for Energy Company He Founded


While the weekend death of Broken Arrow Rep. David Brumbaugh has focused on his work in the legislature, the 56-year old Brumbaugh was also noted for the energy company he founded and ran.

He was President of DRB Industries LLC, a firm that produced Gas Turbine Filtration and Industrial Cooling products. It is considered to be a “one-stop” shop for Gas Turbine Filter House and Agricultural/Industrial Cooling applications.

Brumbaugh had experience in the field of Gas Turbine Filtration and Inlet Cooling.

“With over 15 years of experience, David has supported dozens of Municipal and IPP utilities all over the U.S. and on 6 different continents,” stated the DRB Industries website. “His trouble shooting and expert assistance to companies such as General Electric, Siemens Westinghouse, MHI and ABB just to name a few, is well known throughout the power industry.”

The site describe Brumbaugh as a highly sought after dynamic speaker and knowledgeable consultant who helped numerous companies streamline their gas turbine filterhouse reliability practices.

He was also known as director of a trade journal distributed to more than 7,000 maintenance professionals worldwide.

“David is a published author with articles and credits appearing in such magazine as Power Engineering, Turbo Machinery International and Combined Cycle Journal,” continued the website.

He previously worked with Braden Manufacturing and was a Certified Air Filter Specialist, a member of ASHRAE, and a graduate of the ProActive Maintenance Institute.


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