Democrats Demand More Answers from Pruitt at EPA

Democrats in the U.S. Senate are still fighting EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt over the move to eliminate the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan, sending him a letter demanding answers to what his plans are to replace it.

Twenty-three Democrats sent him a recent letter with eight questions about his future plans to replace the Clean Power Plan.

“We seek further information concerning the process and schedule the EPA plans to use to carry out the Executive Order’s directives. We also want to know how the agency intends to meet its legal obligations to address carbon pollution emission if the Clean Power Plan is rescinded,” wrote the Senators.

They also used the letter to make their own statements.

A cavalcade of Senate Democrats want EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt

“Rescinding the Clean Power Plan also means that Americans will never realize its numerous health and economic benefits,” said the Senators, adding in another part of the letter, “Walking away from the Clean Power Plan and other efforts to address climate change, will also increase risks to the federal budget and taxpayers.”

The eight questions included a schedule of the review process of the EPA regarding the Clean Power Plan, the EPA plan to replace the Clean Power Plan and what steps the agency will take to get input from states and the power sector in creating an alternative plan.

The Senators want to know how Pruitt will address carbon pollution emissions. They also noted his comments on CNBC about carbon dioxide contradict his testimony in his confirmation hearing. And once again, Pruitt’s emails and communications are the target of the Senators. This time, they want copies of all documents, hand-written notes, emails,memos, telephone logs, and other communications regarding his decision he might take in the EPA’s review or under the Executive Order.

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