Changes Discovered in Earthquake Numbers in Southern Kansas

Like Oklahoma, the state of Kansas is also experiencing a drop in earthquakes linked to wastewater injection wells.

But as The Hutchinson News reported recently, geologists and experts in Kansas also note some other changes about the quakes.

They have found there are more earthquakes located away from the wastewater injection wells and there is a jump in the number of larger quakes.

“What we have seen over time, especially with the Kansas Geological Survey network, is that it appears the area of seismicity has broadened,” said Tandis Bidgoli, a geologist at the Kansas Geological Survey. “We’ve seen more creeping into southern Sedgwick County (Wichita) and a broadening of seismicity into areas where there is not a lot of high-volume disposal.”

She believes the expansion of the earthquake zones will continue because some recent earthquakes shook Reno County, home to Hutchinson.



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