107-Year old Mining Safety Regulations Updated in House-passed Bill

Mining safety regulations going back more than 100 years are finally being updated by the state legislature. The Oklahoma House on Monday voted 83-3 to support SB 479, a measure making changes in the regulations.

“Some go back to 1910,” explained Rep. Bobby Cleveland of Lexington. He said the State Mining Department had asked for the updates in the regulations which also had the endorsement of federal and state safety bodies. At least 44 such rules are being updated as a result of the measure.

The three legislators who voted against the safety changes were Democrats Eric Proctor of Tulsa, Shane Stone of Oklahoma City and Meloyde Blancett of Tulsa.

SB479 was returned to the Senate where it had been passed earlier on a 44-0 vote.

Listen to the explanation and questions.


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