Rep. Lucas Gets US House to Pass EPA Transparency Bill

A bill by Oklahoma Congressman Frank Lucas to urge transparency and scientific integrity at the Environmental Protection Agency won approval in the U.S. House on Thursday.

H.R. 1431 is also known as the EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act of 2017 and was passed on a 229-193 vote.

“Sound science must be the cornerstone of sound policy,” said Rep. Lucas in comments to the House. “This principle holds true regardless of which party controls Congress or who sits in the Oval Office.”

His bill restores the independence of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Science Advisory Board and promotes fairness, transparency and public participation to ensure unbiased scientific advice.

“One way we can promote smart policymaking is by ensuring the search that goes into our decisions is transparent and unbiased,” added the western Oklahoma Congressman.

Texas Congressman Lamar Smith said the reforms are long-needed and will strengthen the public’s trust in the science that EPA uses to support its regulations.

“This valuable bill opens the door to increased outside input, wider expert opinions and more balanced recommendations in EPA’s SAB.”


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