Lucas Calls Elimination of WOTUS a ‘Major Win’


Catching up on reaction to President Trump’s executive order reversing the Waters of the U.S. rule.

Oklahoma U.S. Rep. Frank Lucas was obviously happy about the move.

“The Waters of the U.S. rule has created widespread uncertainty for many of the folks in the agriculture, energy, and construction sectors across our country,” said Lucas in a statement. “This far-reaching and arbitrary regulation was less about protecting our country’s natural resources and more about expanding federal control over private landowners.”

He applaud the President’s move adding, “Getting rid of this red tape is a major win for rural America and allows property owners and businesses to refocus their attention on more important matters.”

U.S. Sen. James Lankford had much the same thoughts.

“I applaud the President’s Executive Order calling for a revision of this rule; it provides hope that the federal-state governing balance of water rules will be restored, and that only actual ‘navigable waters’ will fall under the purview of the federal government,” said the GOP Senator. “Congress mus still take action to fix the regulation so future administrations can’t force an extreme interpretation of water regulation on our farmers, ranchers and rural communities.”

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