Sen. Lankford Says Scott Pruitt Won’t be ‘Creative’ with EPA Laws Like Environmentalists Want


Oklahoma U.S. Sen. James Lankford is making a case to other U.S. Senators that they should vote to confirm Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to be the Administrator of the EPA.

In a Friday-morning speech on the Senate floor, the Republican Senator noted how Pruitt’s been “beaten up” lately by environmental groups and opponents. But he said Pruitt will be the kind of Environmental Protection Agency administrator who will follow the law.

“He won’t be creative with the laws the way some groups want,” said Lankford. “Some of the push back Scott Pruitt’s had is not that he’s opposed to the law. It’s that he is not willing to push beyond the law.”

And the Senator said that’s just what some previous EPA administrators have done. He said Pruitt won’t be creative with the Clean Water Act, nor with the Clean Air act.

“That’s not the job of the executive branch—-to be creative with an old law. It’s to implement the law and do it well.”

Listen to his Senate floor comments about Pruitt.



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