Pipeline Exec Calls Dakota Access Protesters “Terrorists”


In recent testimony offered before U.S. House subcommittee members, including Oklahoma Rep. Markwayne Mullin, an executive of the Dakota Access Pipeline called demonstrators terrorists.

Joey Mahmoud, executive vice president of Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners never used the term in his actual testimony but rather in his printed witness statement offered to the subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

He stated in his printed testimony that the protest movement “induced individuals to break into and shut down pump stations on four operational pipelines. Had these actions been undertaken by foreign nationals, they could only be described as acts of terrorism.”

Mahmoud accused the protesters of assaulting pipeline personnel and destroying millions of dollars in construction equipment in North Dakota. He also blasted the Obama administration for twice delaying the project last year.

Mahmoud targeted the Standing Rock Sioux tribe for never wanting to negotiate as the $3.8 billion pipeline.

“It was clear from their response they had no interest in discussing the project with us,” said Mahmoud. He told the subcommittee the company attempted 389 times in two years to discuss the pipeline with the tribe but the tribe would not discuss matters.

The leader of the Cheyenne River Sioux, Harold Frazier called Mahmoud’s comments unfair.

“The majority of them are there in prayer,” said Frazier. “From what I’ve seen, law enforcement officers are the terrorists.”

Listen to Mahmoud’s testimony.


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