Oklahoma Average Gasoline Prices Dropped Slightly in Past Week


While there are indications that gasoline prices in Oklahoma and elsewhere across the country could possibly climb by the time Memorial Day arrives, prices have slipped slightly in the past week.

GasBuddy.com reports Oklahoma’s new average is $2.06 a gallon, a drop of 3 cents over the last several days. The national average is $2.28, same as a week ago.  The lowest prices in the state are found in Oklahoma City where one site is pumping it for $1.85 a gallon. Several other sites in the OKC metro area are selling it from $1.87 to $1.89.

Oklahoma City’s average is at $2.05, a drop of 3 cents compared to a week ago. Tulsa’s average is $2.04, down a nickle from last week. Tulsa’s low prices range from $1.92 to $1.95.

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