Magellan Midstream Agrees to Reimbursement for Iowa Diesel Fuel Spill


Tulsa-based Magellan Midstream Partners has agreed to reimburse all local and state agencies for expenses incurred while responding to a pipeline leak last month near Hanlontown in north-central Iowa, according to a report by The Des Moines Register.

OK Energy Today reported on January 26 and January 31 of this year about the spill in Worth County, Iowa. While initial reports suggested more than 139,000 gallons of diesel fuel were spilled from a break in the 12-inch pipe, the actual amount was nearly 47,000 gallons. The pipeline transports fuel from Rosemount, Minnesota to Mason City, Iowa.

Officials worked around the clock for days by setting up road blocks and establishing an operations center as Magellan crews repaired the pipeline and performed remediation work at the site.

Worth County Sheriff Dan Fank said his 11-member department clocked 240 hours at the site, including 140 hours of overtime, as deputies remained at the scene for almost four days.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources logged 71 hours of time on the pipeline leak.

The Worth County Auditor’s Office is not yet finished with its calculation of expenses attributed to the spill.

The diesel fuel did not contaminate any water sources. The cause of the leak remains unknown and under investigation.


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