Earth and Water Group Establishes OKC Offices


An environmental group is establishing offices in Oklahoma City but it’s not the kind of environmental group you think it is. Don’t consider it an environmental group that battles energy groups.

The Earth and Water Group, a full-service virtual environmental solutions provider based in Washington, D.C. also named Mary Ellen Ternes as a Partner of Earth and Water Law, LLC. She was previously a shareholder with the Crowe and Dunlevy law firm in Oklahoma City and had worked closely with Earth and Water.

With the opening of the Oklahoma City office, it was Earth and Water’s first expansion of its practice into the Southwest. And her experience wasn’t lost on Brent Fewell, chairman of Earth and Water Group.

“We are thrilled to have Mary Ellen join our team to continue the growth of Earth and Water Law’s environmental and corporate practice areas, as well as having the opportunity through her to expand our practice into the Southwest.”

Ternes first received a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from Vanderbilt University and got her law degree from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

“I am excited to be joining the Earth and Water Group now, at the beginning of the new Trump Administration, where there is promise of regulatory relief if we navigate carefully.” said Ternes.  “Earth and Water is unique in bringing together the most critical skill sets in science, engineering, cyber technology, law and finance for responding to the upcoming needs of clients most efficiently in these complicated times.”



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