City of Hinton Sued Over Wind Farm Regulations


The city of Hinton finds itself sued in Caddo County District Court and Oklahoma City federal court by two wind farm companies that claim  the city unfairly is targeting them with a restrictive ordinance.

The suits were filed by Minco Wind IV LLC and Minco Wind V LLC. Both are affiliates of NextEra Energy Resources LLC. The lawsuits contend that a Jan. 17 ordinance adopted by the city of Hinton called their equipment a public nuisance and was illegally enacted. The companies are asking judges to declare the ordinance null and void.

“If the ordinance were to be enforced as written, it would bar plaintiffs from developing parts of the already-planned Minco projects,” stated the petition filed in Caddo County District Court. “Because the Regional Planning Commission lacked authority to consider and recommend the ordinance to the Town of Hinton, the Town of Hinton likewise lacked authority to pass the ordinance on January 17, 2017.”

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