California Fearful of Pruitt in Charge of EPA


The pending confirmation of attorney general Scott Pruitt as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency has some California regulators so afraid of him, they are pushing ahead with their own fuel economy standards for heavy-duty vehicles.

They fear that once Pruitt takes over, federal car rules might not survive in the Trump administration. Pruitt has said once in office, he plans to review both federal and California vehicle emissions rules. It has the potential to create a clash on climate policy between California and the Trump administration.

Climate Wire reported it certainly proved to be the focus this week at the first public workshop on the new California heavy-duty vehicle emissions standards. It is also why the leadership of the California Air Resources Board want to lock in their state version of the fuel economy for trucks.


“There is, given the recent administration change and current political climate in Washington, there is a small chance the federal program could be revoked, and if that should happen, we do still plan on having a program here in California,” said Kim Heroy-Rogalski, the manager of the mobile source control division at ARB. “We are hopeful it will not happen.”

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