Rig Count: Oklahoma Down 2, U.S. Down 6, Canada Adds 110


Yet again, Canada is leading the way with the addition of 110 new rigs last week while the U.S. rig count fell by a total of six, according to the Baker Hughes rig count released on Friday.

Canada now has a total of 315 rigs, up 88 rigs when compared with last year’s count of 227.

The U.S. rig count decreased by six to reach 659 active rigs. Overall, the U.S. is up nine rigs from last year’s figure of 650.

Oklahoma’s rig count fell by two with a total of 84 rigs, down three from last year’s count of 87.

Texas also lost two rigs last week, bringing the cumulative number of active rigs to 325. Texas is up 24 rigs since last year’s count of 301.

North Dakota dropped one rig for a total of 32 active rigs. Since last year, North Dakota has lost a total of 15 rigs from a count of 47.

Louisiana and Wyoming both added new rigs this week. Louisiana added one rig for a total of 50. Wyoming increased its rig count by two for a count of 15.


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