Chesapeake Makes Filings of Completion on 10 Northwest Oklahoma Wells


In an apparent move to catch up on paperwork, Chesapeake Energy filed 10 completion reports this week including some on wells drilled in December of 2014.

As published on OK Energy Today, the wells were in northwest Oklahoma. Three were in Alfalfa County just outside the typical 3-county zone comprising the STACK. All were located about 5 miles northwest of the city of Cherokee with the largest producing 376 barrels of oil a day.

The Oklahoma City company also filed completions for 7 other wells in Woods county in the area southeast of Alva. Three were at the same site 5 miles from Alva. Two others were drilled at one site about 13 miles north of the town of Freedom. One was drilled in December 2014 but not completed until November 2016. Production was less than 200 barrels of oil a day.

The last two wells were also at one site, but it was about 25 miles northwest of Alva and close to the state line. The largest well produced 748 barrels of oil equivalent a day.

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