Alliance Report says Further Rejection of Pipelines Will Reduce Electricity Generation



The Houston, Texas based Consumer Energy Alliance says that rejecting pipeline infrastructure in the U.S. could remove nearly a third of the nation’s electricity generation capacity in 13 years.

The report is titled  “Families, Communities and Finances: The Consequences of Denying Critical Pipeline Infrastructure.” It predicts Oklahoma and Texas and other states that make up the southern plans would see electricity shortfalls of 23 and 13 percent despite the huge, projected increases in wind and solar energy development.

The report contends if pipeline projects are rejected at the nation’s current rate, 31 percent of U.S. electricity generation capacity would be gone.

“This would threaten the delivery of vital oil and natural gas feedstock to power generation facilities and sacrifice the reliability of the electric grid,” stated the report released on Monday. “Because natural gas is increasingly used to create electricity, pipeline expansion is more critical than ever. Without more pipelines, natural gas—-as well as oil for fuel and power—-will not get to market.”

The Alliance stated the losses from the rejected infrastructure would equal the power generation of a dozen states.