Smithsonian Magazine Targeted by Greens


Environmentalists aren’t just critical of oil and gas and coal operations in Oklahoma and across the country, but now one group has targeted Smithsonian magazine.

It’s considered one of the nicest slick-magazine productions in the country. But Green America contends Smithsonian’s 19 million magazines produced a year should be printed on recycled paper, a move it says would spare more than 60,000 trees.

The organization recently delivered a recycled Christmas tree representing more than 11,000 petition signatures asking Smithsonian Enterprises to move the magazine production to recycled-content paper in order to save impacted forests and reduce landfill waste.


Green America claims such a move would lower Smithsonian’s annual wood use by the equivalent of more than 19,000 trees, cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2 million pounds of carbon dioxide a year and lower its annual water consumption by nearly 14 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

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