Rep. Russell Nears End of 1st Term in U.S. House



As he nears the end of his freshman term in the U.S. House, U.S. 5th District Rep. Steve Russell is expressing concerns about the state of things in this nation, but at the same time optimistic about the reforms he’s bringing about through his Waste Watch reports on government spending.

Interviewed recently by C-Span’s Bill Scanlan, the Republican Representative discussed the importance of checks and balances, bipartisanship in Congress and his biggest accomplishments in his first term.

While Russell used his military experience to help him focus on issues in military and national intelligence committees in the House, he also  used his Waste Watch reports to attack misspending in some energy issues facing the federal government.

“We have certainly become known for our targeting of waste, continuing Oklahoma’s delegation legacy from the great Dr. Tom Coburn, and we have taken that mantle and honored to do it and we have also turned that into true reform.”

Listen to part of the interview and learn what Rep. Russell recently accomplished in his personal life.


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