Publisher Leads Way in Latest Earthquake Lawsuit




The latest class-action lawsuit filed over earthquakes in Oklahoma has a familiar name—-Scott Poynter.

He’s filed previous lawsuits over damaging earthquakes in Prague then in Pawnee and now in Cushing following the 5.0 magnitude quake in early November.

“What we’re wanting the oil and gas industry to be is good neighbors,” he told News 9’s Dana Hertneky. “If my son throws a ball through a window of a neighbor’s home, I’m going to pay for that window.”

His suit named five oil and gas companies and blamed their wastewater injection well operations for causing the massive quake.

Turns out the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit is Cushing newspaper publisher David Reid who says he’s invested a lot in the historic building where The Cushing Citizen is housed.

‘I get to be the steward. I take it pretty seriously and I take good care of it,” said Reid. “They know that they’re doing this, it’s legal but it’s not right.”


tWatch Dana Hertneky’s report on News 9.


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