One Case where Scott Pruitt Supported the EPA


While environmentalists and some Democrats continue attacking Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as Donald Trump’s choice to be the new Director of the U.S.  Environmental Protection Agency, one recent story highlighted Pruitt’s efforts to assist the EPA.

Pat Rizzuto at Bloomberg News wrote how Pruitt actually backed the EPA in strengthening a chemical law during the negotiations that led to the amendment of the Toxic Substances Control Act.

“Though I have challenged the EPA on various issues, I believe the agency, within the boundaries of its authorities provided by Congress, serves a valuable mission to protect human health and preserve the environment,” Pruitt wrote, adding that the new law “will ensure that new and existing chemicals, including those grandfathered under the Toxics Substances Control Act receive an EPA safety review. Such review will strengthen the standard for the public health and our environment.”

His statements were in an April 9, 2015 letter to Sens. Jim Inhofe and Barbara Boxer (D-_Calif.) Inhofe is chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee where the Act was first amended.

Pruitt said the law “guarantees protection of the most vulnerable by placing emphasis on the effects of exposure to chemicals on infants, children, pregnant women, workers and the elderly.”


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